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Whether you are just starting out, or an industry veteran, our full-length tutorials are the most comprehensive available. Covering everything from gear, lighting, and composition, to post-production and marketing. Available for download or streaming now!

Commercial Architecture & Retouching With Tony Roslund

The most comprehensive architecture photography tutorial ever created. This one has it all! Everything from pre-production, scouting, and meeting with a client for the first time, to gear selection, composition, and lighting. Watch as we finish off each image with post-production by Barry MacKenzie (aka The Pixel Punisher). Follow along as we move through a new Microsoft building designed by HOK, showing the processes and solutions to common challenges faced by today’s architectural photographer. Tony wraps up with advice on pricing and marketing.


Real Estate Photography & Retouching With Barry MacKenzie

Go on location with renowned real estate photographer, Barry Mackenzie as he crafts and prepares images of a home ready to be put on the market. Get insider tips from a working pro to capture beautifully composed images allowing potential buyers to visualize a home's layout. Learn to composite multiple exposures, control light sources to avoid color contamination, and cleanly mask yourself and your gear out of final images. Also learn to build an effective portfolio on any budget, and develop a strategy to optimize time on-location and make post-production simple.


Product Photography & Retouching With Tony Roslund

When creating the curriculum for this tutorial we broke the content down into 4 sections that best represent the types of product photography across various industries. In the end we built a 20+ hour tutorial around Catalog Photography, Editorial Photography, Small Business (B2B), and Commercial Photography. Throughout 11 photo shoots across all 4 topics we explore the challenges each face and best practices for running your business.


Our workshops cover composition and lighting techniques including the use of strobes, modifiers, and common grip tools. Students will receive guidance on pricing, marketing, and communicating with clients. Students participate in live shoots at a variety of commercial and/or residential properties. We identify and teach the key elements that define success in architecture and/or real estate photography, providing attendees with a foundation to successfully advance in the market. We are currently planning four workshops for 2019. Tentative locations are Australia, Montreal, Arizona, and Florida.




With weekly uploads, Tony & Barry share tips and tricks, gear hacks, product reviews, DIY projects, retouching techniques, and answer questions from viewers on a wide range of genres and topics. Subscribe to keep up with the latest releases and dive into the many existing videos that live on the channel. 


These well known podcasters attempt to give listeners an inside look at the photo industry. In these podcasts Tony was invited to talk about his life as an image maker and the struggles that come with it.